Cctv Confidentiality Agreement Template

15. Full Agreement This agreement represents the entire agreement on confidential information disclosed in this document and replaces all prior or written prior or written agreements relating to this confidential information. This agreement can only be amended in writing by mutual agreement between the authorized representatives of the parties. Although university staff are not required to sign the agreement, the Committee urges each department to consider adopting this agreement, if necessary, and to establish an internal process in which staff can certify it both on hiring and on an annual basis. If this agreement does not exactly meet the specific needs of the departments, directors should discuss the changes with the Office of General Counsel. All staff who have access to the CCTV system are aware of the sensitivity of the processing of television images and recordings and are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. The security services ensure that authorized personnel are fully informed and trained in all aspects of the operational and administrative functions of the CCTV system. 11. Applicable law This agreement is entirely subject to the laws of the United States of California and the laws of the State of California, as these laws apply to agreements concluded in the State of California that are fully implemented. 2.

Duty of confidentiality and non-use Each party agrees not to disclose the confidential information of the discloser to individuals, companies or companies, unless necessary for negotiations, discussions and consultations with the authorized staff or representatives of the recipient, and any purpose that the other party may authorize in writing below. In addition, trade negotiations, talks, consultations or agreements between the parties cannot be disclosed in any form of public media without the written agreement of both parties. The recipient agrees to treat all of the Discloser`s confidential information with the same degree of care as he accepts his own confidential information, and the recipient declares that he is diligent in protecting his own confidential information.