Our Events

Every time we hold an event it is on the Road based at a nearby radio station,
we invite community radio stations as well as internet stations, Hospital radio, and small scale DAB
our group is free to join.

Each time we hold a hub meeting it will be on a topic which means that stations who are members can
send different people from there stations each time,

In Feb 2016 – we saw Management come together for the launch in Essex
In April 2016 we were on the road to the Eye workshop
In May 2016 – we saw technical teams come together in Bedfordshire talking technical with experts
In Sept 2016 – we saw us at the CMA conference
In sept 2016 – saw us at the Community radio awards

In October 2016 – Stations came together to send presenters for Law and compliance workshops

More meetings planned for 2017

we do not expect stations to attend every single meeting, some will dip in and out subject to there requirements,

We get together, we talk radio, we learn and share best practice, and we encourage you to send different members each time,

please contact us should you want to join,

We are proud to announce that the Community radio Fund have agreed to support us during our first year

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